Jeremy and his dog walk towards the barn while the sun sets behind and oak tree.


Blossom Barn Cidery was founded by Jeremy Hall and Erin Chaparro in 2018. After falling in love more than two decades ago, united by a passion for Oregon’s alluring landscapes and sharing this fertile land’s bounty with friends at backyard barbecues, they decided to uproot themselves from their community in Eugene and build a new life on Jeremy’s family’s farm in southern Oregon.

sustainable roots

Jeremy’s parents, Jean and Fred, have worked the land using organic methods to raise chickens and sheep and grow fruit, berries, and vegetables. They have fed themselves and their neighbors with the edibles raised on the farm. But the hard work of running a farm wasn't sustainable for these octogenarians. Rather than sell the land, Jeremy and Erin moved in and have converted it into an eco-friendly perry orchard that’s completely powered by solar arrays and maintained using the organic methods introduced by Jeremy’s parents many years ago.

it’s just that simple

The simplicity of hard cider has always appealed to Jeremy and Erin. Made from apples and pears, this alcoholic beverage has a rich history of being produced and shared cooperatively. And while it’s tasty on its own (on the trail or in the raft), cider also has the complexity to enhance gourmet dinners shared with friends and loved ones.